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The future vehicles are electric vehicles (EV). The push from India’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan is expected to put 10 million electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2020 and achieve 30% e-mobility by 2030.

Electrification of vehicles is a step-by-step process that could happen segment-by-segment. Cab fleets have a great potential to employ all-electric cars as the passenger can contribute to lowering carbon emissions without dealing with range anxiety, along with the driver-partner who also benefits from a low-cost of running. There are, however, certain challenges that a 100 percent electric cab faces today, including lack of charging infrastructure. 

BluSmart is India’s first all-electric shared mobility platform to provide a responsible mobility solution to the people. It was started in October 2018 by Anmol Singh Jaggi and Punit K Goyal. The firm operates a fleet of 320+ electric cars in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. The company ensures no denial and no surge pricing for the rider. So far BluSmart has completed 1,75,000 all-electric trips and has covered 4.75 million clean km since launch. The company aims to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable mobility to consumers and improve the quality of life in megacities of India.

AEVT is India's top EV EVSE development institute, providing hands-on training on EV, Li-ion battery and charging station development. 


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